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Pet Insurance Information

As a pet owner, expenses for annual exams, vaccines, flea medication, etc. are all are part of your budget. Difficulties can often arise when accidents or illness affect your pet. Extra Expenses such as blood testing, radiographs, surgery or critical care can add up quickly. Pet insurance can provide peace of mind in emergency situations.  Health insurance for your pet can be purchased through several different companies. While they all provide coverage for accidents and/or illnesses, its important to review all your options.

Choosing an insurance provider for your pet can be a big decision. Use some of the questions below to help you choose the right pet insurance provider for you.

  • Are the policies and information provided reasonably easy to understand? Are the people who talk to you knowledgeable and helpful?
  • Does the company offer customer service during reasonable hours? Have premiums increased over the past few years? If so, by how much?
  • What happens to coverage and premiums as your pet gets older?
  • Are there any reasons that you wouldn’t be able to renew your policy?
  • What kinds of care are excluded or limited? Are congenital or hereditary diseases covered? What about cancer? Is dental care covered?
  • Are conditions diagnosed within one year excluded as preexisting conditions the next?
  • Are benefits available for wellness or preventive care for your pet?
  • Can you choose a deductible? Can you change the deductible from year to year? Is the deductible annual or is it applied to each medical incident?
  • Are the waiting periods before coverage begins reasonable?
  • Is there a maximum age for enrollment?
  • Are there limits per incident, per year, per lifetime, or per body system? What are those limits?
  • Is a physical exam required for enrollment or renewal?
  • How quickly are claims processed and paid?
  • Are there any billing fees or discounts?