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Emergency and Referral Clinics

All medical cases occuring after hours are referred to 404 Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital (404 VEC).   404 VEC can be found at 510 Harry Walker Parkway S in Newmarket.  They can be reached at 905-953-1933, however, if you call Yorkwood Veterinary Clinic after hours, the option to press “2” will connect you immediately to their clinic.

For clients that may be at the cottage or camping north of Lake Simcoe, the Huronia Veterinary Emergency Clinic is closer than 404 VEC.  They are located at 115 Bell Farm Road, Unit 110 in Barrie, off Duckworth Street south of the Hwy 400.  Their phone number is 705-722-7243.

Specialist referrals are also available for dermatology, neurology, orthopedics, internal medicine, cardiology, ophthalmology, behaviour, oncology, and much more.  The Veterinary Emergency Clinic and Referral Centre  in Toronto is the main referral clinic, but other options are available depending on the patient’s requirements.

If your pet has ingested a substance or item that you are concerned may be toxic, you can also use the following links:

ASPCA’s Poison Control Centre 

Toxic Plant Listing for Dogs

Toxic Plant Listing for Cats